Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am Fat and I am Beautiful

A friend of mine about a year ago inspired me to challenge myself to different challenges each month. They have been as simple as putting a thousand piece puzzle together (which I never did finish, I hate puzzles), not to lie for a month ( I now know how to not lie, but not exactly tell the truth), and another was writing a short romance story. Basically, whatever inspires me, I challenge myself.

 This month's challenge: 

To see myself as beautiful.

I was inspired by an article I found in Pinterest.

The article then linked to this article about fat girls and sex:

The idea that as a fat woman, I could be sexually attractive to the opposite sex, blew my mind. I've been told, by people I love, that the only reasoning I'm single is because I'm fat.  I have believed them for a very long time. 

Well... now I'm done. 

I'm beautiful.

How am I doing so far? 

Well... it's been incredibly challenging to say the least. I picked out an awesome outfit, did the my primping and stepped out feeling very excited this morning. At work and at the grocery store I walked with a swing in my step. I beamed at the extremely hot guy in the frozen food isle. Then, I meet up with this guy and all my bravado leaked out of my system. We all have that one guy that turns your brain to mush, and this is that one. 

This is going to take a lot of strength.

I'm beautiful.

I'm definitely taking steps in the right direction, but this is going to be a hard challenge. 

What do you guys do to bring out, dare I say it,your inner goddess?

<3. Zerila

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