Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Back...Again

After an incredibly stressful and emotional week, I'm back. I do apologize for dropping the blog again for a week, but I was basically doing work and then helping out my friend. I was her shadow at anytime I possible could. That is basically all I could do for her, is be there. That is all one can do really.

The whole time I was at the funeral, looking at her Dad, I was thinking, "Thank God that it's not Allan. Thank God its not my Dad." Then I began thinking what am I going to do when it is? How can I survive the death of my Dad or a brother? How is my friend finding the strength to do what she is doing? I would be a wreck.

I watched my best friend age in a matter of week. She went from a "carefree" young woman(I use this loosely because her life was no rose garden) into a woman with responsibility and what  I can describe as experience of life.

I remember growing up as a child always eager to become an adult. If I had understood what was to come I would have enjoyed childhood a lot longer.


I would have been back yesterday but my body said it had enough and I crashed for the day.

I hope that the next time I tell you I won't be seeing you for a week is when I go on my cruise this January.

Either way, give your family a big hug today. No one gets out alive and you will never regret showing your family how much you love them.

<3 Zerila


Lost and Unknown said...

*hugs* glad to see you back.

Zerila Jay said...

*hugs* Thank you:) Its good to be back.

Zerila Jay said...

*hugs* Thank you:) Its good to be back.