Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blogging Day 170 : Chinese New Year Celebration in DC

Before the Super Bowl even started my brother and I went to Chinatown in DC to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was crazy! There were so many people there! I could not get any good pictures, but these are the ones I could get!

The Metro Stop Exit for Chinatown. 

The entrance into Chinatown

The only good picture of the parade I could get and that's with the sign post in the middle of each picture.

In the Gallery they had demonstrations of painting, free ice cream, tea and they even had some break dancing.

As we were leaving my brother saw this guy with a mohawk on this motorcycle helmet! VERY COOL!

All in all it was too small an area to host the celebration. I'll have to get myself to San Fransisco or New York for a New Year Celebration.

We of course made it back in time for the kick off of the Super Bowl. Do I like football? No, but I enjoy watching the commercials!

So far this is the best one:

Veggie/Water: We ate at a mongolian grill and I put tons of veggies into it and tonight we are having taco salad. Plus, I'm still on the oranges. Water is good.

<3 Zerila

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