Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogging Day 172 : Shopping @ Forever 21, Lancome & Sephora!

Friday night, by buddy and I, went shopping. Our main goal was to hit up Macy's Lancome counter because they were having their free gift special at the moment. With a goal in mind we set off to the mall and of course there were a few diversions along the way.

First we stopped at Forever 21 Accessory Store. I have never seen a Forever 21 Accessory store before, but I am definitely a fan now. Shoes were everywhere and I mean everywhere. That had the cutest jewelry and accessories. I found a few things I decided I needed( maybe the better word is wanted, because I certainly didn't need any of it...)

Super Cool Brush $5.80

I am a sucker for anything sparkly and pink. It doesn't show-up very well in the picture but the top has been dipped in light pink. I had to grab it. I use it to put on my loose powder and the brush is SSOOO soft!

These were all about $1.80 each.

These were fun facial packets. Very cheap so I decided to give them a try. I will do a future blog on these packets. They have inspired me to do a little research.

Left - Right
Flowers $3.80
Studs $4.80

More earrings for my nice earring collection. They had tons of earrings and they were super cheap!

Again my weakness for sparkly things.

There are even sparkles on the rim of eyelash curler or what my buddy likes to call, the eyelash torture device.

They had a pink color, and usually that is my go to color,but once I saw the blue-purple rainbow metallic color, I switched. Plus, one can never have too many tweezers, I always end up losing mine. Somewhere in this house I have 10 tweezers playing hide and seek.

Color Name: Navy $2.80

While I was waiting in line I found this pretty nail polish. I'm not normally a blue nail color kinda girl, but I saw a bit of purple swirled into it and yet again I fell into temptation.

Unfortunately, that purple swirl didn't stay, it is still a pretty sparkly blue.


Macy's is the store that is currently running the free gift with purchase. If you forget which store when you in the mall, like I did, do not worry, they have signs hanging up right at the front of the store.

Top to Bottom
Designer: Metallic $17
Disco Silver $25

I was originally going to try their foundation, but I saw the Disco Silver and decided not to. It's not to glittery, as pictured above, it is a just nice splash of silver. I wear it over my purple eyeshadow and it looks amazing. This is a must have shade!

The Designer color I originally bought for my mom, because I thought this was a color she wanted, but I got the wrong color. I was planning on taking it back but I really like it. I use the color for defining my eyebrows. This is something I recently started doing. Michelle Phan is right, it definitely helps define the face. It takes a lot of practice, but very well worth the pain.


Free gift with purchase!

 I am a major sucker for gifts with purchase when it comes to make-up. I have not bought myself mascara in years because of them. I get a new one every three months, which is good considering everyone tells me that my mascara is a major breeding ground for germs.

Anyway, with this gift you get a beautiful make-up bag, eye make-up remover ( I like their eye make-up remover, it smells like roses), mascara, a juicy tube (Moulin Rose), sample of Genifique,  a choice of moisturizers, I choose High Resolution, and a choose of either a eyeliner, mascara base or a eyeliner brush and I choose a eyeliner brush. Eyeliner pencils are nice, but I prefer liquid eyeliner and one can never have too many make-up brushes,

The free gift is available at Macys until February 21.

I keep track of when Lancome has free gifts with purchase with this website:

I would keep this website in your favorites and I'm adding this to my awesome website list on the side. They are very accurate when events are happening. I never want to miss when they have gift with purchases, so I do check it regularly.


Now, last but not least, off to Sephora.

tokidoki - Donutella $9.00
tokidoki- Pink Martini $9.00
Hello Kitty  Parfum 100pt Free Gift with Purchase
Sephora- Glitter Black Liquid Eyeliner $10.00

Top - Bottom Swatches
tokidoki - Pink Martini
tokidoki - Donutella
Sephora Glitter Eyeliner
  I had already bought a lot more then intended on this trip and I was only going to buy the liquid eyeliner. I have used a few other liquid eyeliners and I prefer Sephora's brand.

Their tips are a perfect balance of thinness and thickness. I can't stand when liners are too thin, there is no support, it flops around and it is too easy to mess up.

Plus this liner has a nice glitter to it.  As I have said before I'm a sucker for anything sparkly.

Now, I'm not fan of the tokidoki line. I do not dislike it either, it's just not my go to line. I got the tokidoki bag because I like the art of the line. It's very cute and fun!

 I was looking around and my buddy started chatting with one of the store associates and she told us to check out these lip glosses. It isn't the color or the brand that made me buy these. It was the flavor; Donutella is strawberry and Pink Martini is watermelon . It reminded me of the tinkerbell  makeup that I wore when I was a little kid, so I had to grab them. They had two other colors, but it was purple and a clear that kinda reminded me of paste I used it school. You know the paste, that the weird kid in class would eat when he thought no one was looking. Yeah, not the kinda memories I want brought up every time I put on lipgloss.

I would definitely buy these, as you can tell with the swatches, it adds a very little tint to your lips, but the smell and taste will bring you back to the good old days, when deciding what outfit Barbie would wear was your biggest problem of the day.

Last but not least, the Hello Kitty Parfum.

As you know Sephora has come out with a Hello Kitty Line.

Check it out at Sephora, it is all very cute, expensive, but cute!

If you been saving up your points for something, now is the the time to spend your purchasing points, or spend a hundred dollars, because one of their 100 pt items is a cute little sample of their Hello Kitty Parfum.

I went up to the counter and started freaking out because I had just spent 500 pts on the philosophy Christmas gift set they had last month. Now before you think, she spent that much on make-up, when my mom went shopping for her make-up awhile back she put all her purchases on my card and I was lucky enough to get her points! I also bought a lot of birthday and Christmas presents at Sephora. Not to say I don't have a nice make-up addiction, I do, just not that big of one.

Anyway, I was freaking out that I wouldn't have enough points and I was quickly looking around for what I could buy in the next five minutes that would get me up to 100pts. Of course, I could have just bought the normal size bottle, but I wanted the tiny cute one! I wanted THAT bottle!

 To my relief I had points leftover and got my Hello Kitty Bottle.
The parfum smells wonderful! So, all you Hello Kitty Fans go get your butt over to Sephora!
All done! I am now broke until I get paid again which happens to be this Thursday! Perfect timing since that's when the Wonder Woman Mac set is releasing in the stores!

You can currently check it out at:

<3 Zerila

FYI- I checked and you can get grab the Forever 21 Accessories @ http://www.forever21.com/

veggie/water: All good!


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I am such a bad influence! heh heh heh. Have you used the torture device yet? make sure that you don't poke yourself in the eye; it'll hurt. as for your tweezers playing hide and seek, I think they are doing a better job of hiding than you are seeking them.
I dig the polish it's super pretty and i'm diggin' the color swatches.