Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Keep A Box of Delicious Chocolate in Your Desk

Especially when it's that special time of the month. You know what I'm talking about ladies. The time of the month when you understand why individuals snap and open fire on their co-workers. Not that I would EVER do that. 99.9% of my mind knows that it is bad, stupid,  and evil; but then it probably relax me.

Since I like co-workers and my job, I remember I have a lovely box of chocolate in my desk.  Just one piece of chocolate and I was in seventh heaven. High on the chocolaty goodness.Life is good, but then it wears off and I have to have more. A half a day passes by and those chocolates are GONE! CRAP! I'm supposed to be watching what I eat because I want to lose WEIGHT!


This reminds me of a time I was thinking to myself, "No more candy." I'm deep breathing, getting one with my weight loss power. Two seconds later I spot a piece of candy and go"OH! Candy!"Half way into chewing on my new piece of candy, I spit it out, realizing I didn't even have an ounce of weight loss power.


I need a "weight-loss-time-of-the-month-chocolate" relaxer.

I''m thinking sugar-free chocolate milk. Anyone else out there have suggestions?

<3 Zerila

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