Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY: Transforming Your Boring Bleach Wipe Tub into Couture

I got bored with the appearance of my bleach wipes tub, so I decided to do something about it!
Granted this may be a bit of a crazy DIY, but it was fun to design. Bleach wipes are an everyday use item. I have a tub at my office desk even. Manufactures have of course ,tried to design some very nice ones, but I find most of them boring.

This DIY allows you to design the outside to match whatever room it will be in. Personally, I've always wanted a Juicy Couture one. Why should I wait for the world to catch up to what I want? I can create my own!

This is what you will need:

Bleach Wipes Tub
Pen/Marker(not pictured)
Paint Brush
Ruler (not pictured)
Plastic Container(I'm using a container I usually get my soup in)
Beautiful pages ripped from a magazine( I started with four, but ended up only using 3)

Let's Begin:

Line up your magazine pages, and using your ruler create horizontal lines about 1" apart on the top page

Holding your pages together and using your scissors, cut out the strips.

Now that your strips are cut out, mix them up. Mixing them up helps your brain create a pattern to design your tub.

In your plastic container, squirt some glue and add some water. Using your brush mix the glue and the water together. You want your mixture to have the consistency of paint. If your nervous, add a little bit of water at a time.

You can either remove the labeling off your tub, or you can leave it on. Either way your not going to see it anymore.

Taking your brush, paint on enough glue to glue down your first strip. Place the strip down and smooth it out. You will have creases in the strip no matter how hard you try, but smoothing it out helps to have less. Once you have the strip smoothed out paint another layer of glue on top.

Repeat this step all the way around the tub.

I ended up using a Juicy Couture, a Vera Wang"Princess" and  a JcPenny clothes ad for my design. My pattern was pink, pink and then green.

I think I did pretty awesome, what do you think?   I like comments :)

<3 Zerila

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