Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogging Day 112: Sephora Game on Facebook
Yes, Sephora has succumbed to the pressure and now has a game on Facebook. Why do you care? Well, first it is Sephora and Sephora is awesome. Secondly, right now when you join and play, you can get a limited edition tokidoki tote with any online Sephora purchase, of course while supplies last. Click the link underneath the picture for more information.

When my order comes in the mail, I'll show you what goodies I got and an upclose picture of the tote!

Vegetable & Fruit Eating Journey:
I did it again! I had 3 servings with my salad and then for dinner I had spiced apples (no sugar added) and I had a banana in my pudding for dessert.  I did notice today that I can not only eat a salad for lunch. I felt faint later in the day. I know it was my sugar dropping. I ate some crackers and I was OK. My mom has made a three beans soup, so hopefully adding soup to my meal will take care of adding enough energy for that not to happen again.

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