Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogging Day 146: It's Snowing!!!

Just enough snow to make everything beautiful.
Yes,it is currently snowing outside! We are expected to only get about an inch or two, not the 5+ they were calling for yesterday. Here are some pictures of the snow!

At this moment, maybe only an inch.

For some reason, the dogs were the only ones willing to come out with me and play in the snow!

Angel playing in the snow.

Jasmine enjoying the snow.
 Veggie/Fruit/Water Thing:  I keep missing the last two servings of my veggies. GRRR!! I need to have one with breakfast. That would help. Fruit for breakfast. It's official!

Water: Good. This is a picture of the water bottles I use to keep track. Yes, per Ruth it is 8 8oz glasses of water that I should be drinking, not 8 16oz. This is about 10 8oz, I'm still thirsty after 8 glasses.

Yes, I am a fan of Hello Kitty and especially Zombie Hello Kitty. Not sure where the pink bottle came from, because I got that for Christmas from a friend, but my assumption is Target. The Zombie aluminum bottle came from Hot Topic. If you notice, Zombie Hello Kitty is to cute to have red blood, she bleeds pink blood! Girlieness abound!

<3 Zerila

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