Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging Day 154: Organizing with Hangers

I have a lot of clothes in my closet, mainly from items I sell on ebay. I have been looking for a way to condense them. These are two ideas that I have come up with.

I found the hangers below in a store where they sell things that are sold on TV. I bought them a long time ago, and forgot how much I paid for them. Later on, I was at a dollar store and saw them being sold there. I would look for them there first if you are thinking about buying them.

It allows you to have five garments on one hanger. Then it drops down (see below), allowing you more space to hang things up in your closet.


The next hanger is better for smaller items. I found this one at the dollar store, also. There is a little air fresher on top( reason for the diagonal design). The smell does not last long, but it just a foam pad, so I just sprayed some of my favorite perfume on it to refresh my closet.

I use these to hang my belts, but you could use them to hang your bras, tank tops, purses, or anything else that you can think of.

These are two simple changes on my journey to organizing and condensing my items into tinier spaces. Hope they are helpful to you.

Veggie/Water: Veggie is good, but the water I left at home. Oppsie! I only got three glasses.Better tomorrow.

Oh, and we are expecting an inch of snow tonight. Should be interesting to see what the roads look like tomorrow morning.

<3 Zerila

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