Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogging Day 141: Resolutions

With every New Year comes new beginnings and as always the dreaded resolutions, that sound really good January 1, not so good on January 2. Here are the ones I came up with on New Years Day:

1. Lose Weight - an oldy but I am going to do it this time!!
2. I need to either find a new job or some how move-up in the company I work for.
3. Get a New Car. My car is a 2001 and falling apart. 
4. Move out of my parents house. In order for this to happen Resolution #2 and #3 need to be achieved. I need to make a bit more money to live comfortable and I would like a new car before I leave so I do not need to worry about a major repair.
5. Get my butt back into church regularly. I have not done this in a long while and wish to get back into the habit.

I have been avoiding resolution #2 for a LONG time. I find avoiding things very easy. It helps that I have a horrible memory and I am easily distracted. I think big thoughts, then the next minute, it's,"O! Sparkly Glitter Thing!", and those deep thoughts are gone!

Don't get me wrong, my job is great! I love my boss and I love the two women I work with. Granted there are times when I want to cause them physical harm, but for the most part amazing women. Same with the job, best company I have ever worked for, but I need to start acheiving some kind of greatness.

Now, funny thing happened Monday morning as I walked into work, a hour and half late. My boss calls me into her office. My first thought was that my butt was going to be chewed up because of my lateness and I should have called out sick like I originally planned( I  had a major  headache when I woke up, so I took some pills and slept in alittle later then inteneded). No chewing took place, I was offered a job in the bid department, a promotion. My first reaction wasn't of happiness, it was ,"Crap, I seriously was hoping to avoid this issue for another month or so." There goes my months of blissful avoidance of an issue. Now time to choose, whether or not it would be best to grow in this company or throw my luck in with a new job in unstable economy.

After two days of thought and discussing the pros and cons with my parents, I decided to take the job. So it is Day 6 in 2011 and #2 has already been accomplished. The year is looking up! Go me! Kick butt! Xena eat your heart out!

Veggie, Fruit and Water Thingy: I suck! I totally suck! I haven't done anything! Starting tomorrow I am! I promise! I will even blog about it tomorrow. No more slacking! Death to slacking! Life to accomplishments!

<3 Zerila

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