Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogging Day 164: Found Awesome Craft Organizer!

I was wondering around Walmart and look what I found for $19.99!

I found this in the tool isle, and I almost missed it but I noticed something purple (I know it looks more purple blue but it is a lilac purple) in a very male tool box yellow and black isle.


The tool box is basically made up of three different size removable boxes.

Large: 4" x 3"
Medium: 3" x 2"
Small: 2" x 1.5"

Under side of the organizers.

The boxes have tiny little feet and with the concaved circles on the bottom spaced out all over for the tiny boxes, you can organizer the different sizes anyway you wish.

The top also has little notches to keep the boxes in place.

I did a test to see how tight the close was with sequins. Basically, I closed it up and shaked it a bit and as you can tell, the lid does not close that tight.

This is what I ended keeping in the organizer. I still have the sequins in the here, but only until I can figure out how else I can better store them. Until then I will be putting it away lying down, probably under my dresser.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to store sequins!

Veggie/Water: STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID! I was so bad this weekend. I didn't even think about it! It drives me up the wall that I forget. Finally listening to a friend of mine, I am going to be writing it down in a pad that I will keep with me 24/7.
<3 Zerila

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Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

OOOO!! I like the new organizer!It would probably be good for beauty items as well. Like individual shadow pots, lip glosses, nail files and stuff like that. As for sequins, there are small continers in the craft section that seal a bit tighter to prevent the beads from shifting. Or, rubbermaid makes small individual containers usually used for transporting condiments. I have some, they close tight, super cheap and stackable.