Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging Day 153: Blah.. Blah... Blah...

I have just come out of a weekend of being sick. Saturday was ok, Sunday it started to hit and by Monday I was down for the count. This morning I woke up and looked outside at the sheet of ice that was covering everything, and I mean everything. I thought, for just a moment, that maybe being sick for just one more day wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Of course I did go to work, even though I went in about two hours late. I do not mind driving in the snow, but ice is another story all together. I waited for the streets to have the consistancy of a slurpee, and drove to work. The roads were not the worse part, it was the shards of ice coming off of other cars and flying towards your car at 60+ mph that scared the stuffings out of me. To my relief, I made it alive and slaved away for the man.

This past week I have been organizing my room. With goals to be out of the house this Fall, I have been figuring out ways to shrink my room storage. I am very spoiled in how much space I have in my room at my parent's house. I have my sleeping area and then I have a side room, which I call my walk in closet. Tons of space for tons of stuff!

I have found some very cool ways to condense all my junk into tiny spaces, and I will be posting them as the week goes by.


This task is a Herculean feat and I need all the help I can get! All help is appreciated!

Veggie/Fruit: Did good today. I have found if I have sugar-free caramel with my apples, it is a less painful to eat an apple.  I do not like plain apples. Ick! But having just a tiny bit of caramel makes it a nice treat and not a very costly one either.  You guys can find sugar-free carmel in the ice scream topping section or a different kind in your fruit section at your grocery store. I am currently using the Smuckers Sugar Free Caramel.
I didn't post it yesterday, because I was sick, but I gained .6lbs this week. I know why, I ate out alot last week at work.  I will definately have to cut back on that in the future.

<3 Zerila

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Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

you know...that song just annoys me to no end! I can't wait to see how your organizing goes and then maybe steal some ideas. I'm drowing in clutter!