Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Must Remember: Shopping For Someone Else.... NOT ME

I went shopping during lunch and after work today, looking for a present for my Dad's Birthday. I always have a hard time shopping for my Dad because if he ever wants something he just goes out and buys the item he wants.
Of course while on my search I found tons of things I want. I was strong for everything except for these two items:

I found this top in the clearance section at Marshall's for only $10!!!!!  I think this would be a perfect look for work with a cardigan.

I also found this eyeshadow at Target by Milani called "Girls Luv Pink".

It is very sparkly.

It is a very light pink, you can barely see the color difference in the swatch above. I will be using this color with a dark purple. Since I have hazel eyes, purple just makes my eyes POP.

I did eventually find presents for my Dad. Here's hoping he likes them.

<3 Zerila


Zerila Jay said...

Yes, I did buy my Dad presents also :D

Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

but it's more fun to buy your own presents, that way you get exactly what you want!