Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogging Day 272: Is No One Taking Checks Anymore?

I recently had my debit card stolen about a month back. Actually, I had my debit card numbers stolen because my card was still in my purse...weird. Evidently they can take your numbers and "program" them a new card.


I decided not to get a new debit card because I have found that I spend less money when I have to run to the bank to grab the cash I need to spend. I have to think twice about every purchase I do. I also started using checks again for when I go the the grocery store. After awhile I noticed certain stores not taking checks anymore.

The first store I noticed was Whole Foods. WHOLE FOODS, a GROCERY STORE doesn't take checks anymore! Granted, I do not shop at Whole Foods a lot. This is a 6x a year treat. Well, maybe more now that I learned they make AWESOME Indian food.

The most recent place I learned was Five Below. I was grabbing a few things and went to the counter and went to write out a check and he said they no longer take checks. I was so frustrated. Unfortunately, I only had enough money to buy one thing and explained my situation with the whole card thing. He stated it was because of the economy. A lot of people are writing bad checks and a lot of stores do not have a checking system for checks, so they are no longer taking checks. All of a sudden it made more since. If I owned a store, I would most likely do the same thing.
Still annoying though...

Has anyone else run into this problem?

<3 Zerila

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