Friday, September 9, 2011

Blodding Day 277: All I See Is Rain

This is what the weather map currently looks like right now.

Just so you can get the full effect:

It is very soggy in Maryland right now. In fact certain places have been evacuated because the flooding is so bad. I've been thinking maybe a boat would be a better mode of transportation right now.

As for the furture:

At least there is hope that I will see the sun on Monday. Bright right now is when it's light gray and not dark gray outside. 

Light Gray = Sprinkely Rain
Dark Gray = Run for shelter because you are about to get drenched! Maybe even scorched!

The thunder has been intense! It has been shacking my office and my house. Evidently last night we had a really bad storm and it rained ALOT! First words I heard this morning are," Check your room for water, because the other side of the basement has about an inch of water."

THANKFULLY!!!! There was no water!!! Yet...

Plus side to all of this is that they finally finished my deck, so I've been taking my evening naps outside on the deck listening to the rain fall on my the roof. It's pretty nice till the sky flashes and the thunder wakes me up.

I hope the rains stops for a bit so we can dry a bit. I'm not interested in a river in my backyard.

<3 Zerila

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