Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging Day 273: Go Check Out Your Local Borders NOW!

As everyone knows, Borders is closing. A friend mentioned they were selling their shelves for 3/$100, so my family and I went to check it out. Also, the lure of books being up to 60% off was a pretty sweet deal. 

We ended up not buying  the selves because the lean and it would look awkward, but I found this instead:

It cost $58 something. I'm going to use it to organize my make-up and other things. As soon as I am done I will show you. WISH ME LUCK!

<3 Zerila

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 03 A Song that Makes you Happy

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney Princess movies.


Anonymous said...

good luck! is that going to become your new safe place?? =P

Lost and Unknown said...

Holy crap! Those are a lot of shelves!

Anonymous said...

@Lost and Unknown, it's so she can put all of her stuff away and now she really won't be able to find it! lolz!

Zerila said...

No... I think my 'safe place' will be a different project.
Half of my new shelves will be make-up, and hair stuff, and the other half will be crafty space.