Friday, September 30, 2011

Diy: Button Ring Bracelet

I've always wanted one of these pieces. They are so punk and beautifully exotic. I finally decided to make my own.

I choose the two the silver and pink buttons because I wanted this to be a very neutral piece.


Let's begin.

Items you will need:

Jewelry Pliers
Two Buttons with Back attachments(i.e. no buttons with wholes)
Adjustable Ring
Jump Rings
Clasp Set
Craft Glue(Not Pictured)

Using the jewelry cutters, cut off the back to the button.

Put some glue down on the back of the button.

Using your jewelry pliers connect three jump rings. Place the jump rings on the back of the ring, as seen above, so that one jump ring is hanging off the button. That jump ring with be used to to connect to a chain.

Once you have the jump rings in place attach the adjustable ring. Make sure the jump ring is still handing out, as seen above.

Set aside and let dry. This will need to set over night, but it will be dry enough to attach to the bracelet.


Measure out a chain that would fit around your wrist. At each end of the chain attach a jump ring and one part of the clasp.

Fold the bracelet in half and in the middle, using your jewelry pliers, detach the chain.  Attach a jump ring to each end and attach each jump ring to the button.

Measure out another chain that would run from your ring to your bracelet. Attach another jump ring to one of  the jump rings attached to the button, as seen above. Attach the chain that will run from your bracelet to ring.

The other end of the chain attach another jump ring and attach it to the jump ring on the adjustable ring.

Blah... so many rings!


A very simple piece and of course you can use any colors you would like. Like I said I wanted a very neutral color scheme.

<3 Zerila

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